Quick Series Vertical CNC

Quickline consists of two modules: QuickDrill for holes and countersinks and QuickMill to process notches, hinge cut outs and internal portholes. Both modules can operate over the entire working area with high non-restricted zones as well as high speed and precision. The major benefits of the Quick Series machines are their high processing speed and precision. Quick can also be combined with a Neptun LV Top washing machine to offer a fully integrated process including the final washing phase.

In addition, the latest and most exciting module to be added to this line is the Quickdrill T8 with automatic tool exchange: 8+8 positions and 8 seconds from glass to glass including tool change!

Quickdrill T8 is our high performance version for those who need maximum automation and processing speed. Incorporating an 8+8 position tool store mounted on the drilling heads, tool change operation can be completed in just 8 seconds. The tool change occurs simultaneously to the positioning for the next hole.

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